Once upon a time...

I started The Mad Padder in 2010 with a core line of personalized notepads produced here in my studio of Brock, Texas. I always wanted a set of notepads with my name on them and set out to create them on my own.  Friends saw how cute they turned out when I wrote a short note to them, carried one with a grocery list written on it, or wrote a note to the school for something.  The product line then developed over the second year as I received inquiries from buyers on Etsy, local shoppers in craft shows, and friends & family who shared something they wanted. I have also always strived to keep The Mad Padder's product line current with the fads & trends.

The Mad Padder is a sole proprietor & LLC, but I do collaborate with my mother on quite a few things and share a booth with her in local craft shows. You can also find The Mad Padder locally at The Market at 76067 in Mineral Wells, Texas.

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